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K-pop Showcase World Music Parties Over

Specialized held abroad B2B music market Showcase & lsquo;; Kpop Night Out Music maeteoseu Asia’s largest music market past 23 days and nights of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister yujinryong) and Korea Creative Content Agency (President hongsangpyo) is a former World Music the phase of the K-Pop changed like Cain realize that more than 2,000 people attended the local audiences over 500 names and industry officials.

Singapore Clarke Quay (Clarke Quay) in the square; Night Out (K-POP Night Out at Music Matters Live 2014) Kpop; advanced to the title of this time to showcase Jaurim, Day Break, gimyerim, Sultan of The disco, presented a colorful new K-pop stage, including a total of 100 minutes between rock, disco, pop Asian participate chair shot.

Check the worldwide interest in K-pop music industry around the world to attend parties in order to share the 500 varieties of K-pop and new trends through maeteoseu Music Showcase. Also show the time before the audience packed audience responded with enthusiastic cheers 2,000 during the performances of musicians and revealed the hot Korea interest in K-pop. The rookie has Decorative Asian rock band chair shot of rock music that serves South Korea. The first stage of the showcase, followed by new music trend in Korea invited Barry England Glastonbury (Glastonbury) festival in the Sultan of disco is more intense performance showed.

In particular, the stage of the day was full of energy on stage and break the popularity of gimyerim that proved their worth in the bar with an attractive voice and voice over audition program with exceptional stage presence is a rare field more heightened atmosphere.decorated modern rock band Jaurim Korea represents the finale. Was hot enough to appeal to the audience to draw the scene of explosive vocals and vocal gimyunah overwhelming dominance of the stage.

Music maeteoseu & CEO Jesper donaet (Jasper Donat) is paying K POP-third Night Out concert this year, but look to develop diversity and creativity every year is amazing said beyond the boundaries of unique music genre in Asia Kpop global the high rating are expected to be a big celebration of the music market.

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