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Heal the Body with the Gerson Therapy

Throughout our lives, our bodies are contaminated with various toxic substances that cause cancer and other diseases. These toxic substances reach us through the air we breathe, the food we eat, the medicines we take and the water we drink. As the use of these toxic substances is increasing daily, and the incidence of cancer also increases, to use a proven, natural treatment and detoxification as the Gerson Therapy is not only reassuring, but necessary.

The Gerson Therapy is a powerful natural treatment that boosts the immune system, in order to cure cancer, arthritis, heart disease, allergies, and many other degenerative diseases. One aspect that unlike most of the other treatments is its integrative and inclusive nature. Thirteen glasses of fresh juices, fruits and vegetables, which provide an abundance of nutrients, enzymes and minerals are consumed daily. Then these substances break down diseased tissue in the body, while enemas help eliminate the accumulation of a lifetime of toxins in the liver.

With an approach that takes into account the whole body for healing, the Gerson Therapy naturally reactivates the superb ability of your body to heal itself – without harmful side effects. Over 200 articles in respected medical journals, and thousands of people cured of their “incurable” diseases document the effectiveness of the Gerson Therapy, which is also one of the few treatments with 60 years of success.

Although his philosophy to detoxify and revitalize the body is simple, this is a complex treatment that requires paying close attention to detail. While many patients have been cured completely using the Gerson Therapy on their own, for best results we recommend starting treatment at a treatment center licensed by the Gerson Institute.


Although the Gerson Institute does not have any handles medical center, patients derive clinics licensed by the Gerson Institute to provide the Gerson Therapy. If you want to do the treatment at home, set your income to a clinic, or just have questions about Therapy, we invite you to contact us.

Warning: Do not start the Gerson Therapy without the supervision of a professional trained in this therapy if any of these conditions exist:

Brain metastases
Severe renal damage
Foreign bodies such as pacemakers, breast implants, metal plates or screws.
Patients should be able to eat, drink, and usually delete. The Gerson Therapy can not be administered to transplant recipients.


The juices are an essential component of the Gerson Therapy. To ensure reliable results, the Gerson patient will need to purchase an appropriate juicer. Dr. Gerson’s research indicates that cancer patients must have a two-stage juicer with a separate grinder and hydraulic press. Usually a stage blenders do not produce the same quality of enzyme, mineral or micronutrient content, and some patients have not obtained results simply by not using the right blender.

We do not recommend using any centrifugal juicer. They can be used to maintain health or non-cancer diagnoses.

The Gerson Institute maintains a list of people who have used juicers for sale. Contact us to receive a copy of this list.


The Gerson diet is naturally high in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, micro-nutrients, extremely low in sodium and fat, and high in liquids.

The following is a typical day in the diet of a patient carrying the full Gerson Therapy:

Thirteen glasses of fresh juices, carrot / apple and green leafy vegetables, prepared every hour with organic fruits and vegetables.
Three full vegetarian meals prepared with organic fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. A typical meal includes salad, cooked vegetables, baked potatoes, vegetable soup and juice.
Fresh fruits and fresh fruit dessert available at all times as sandwiches or snacks, in addition to the regular diet.

All drugs used as part of therapy Gerson classified as biological materials of organic origin are administered in therapeutic amounts.

Potassium compound
Vitamin B-12
thyroid hormones
Injectable crude liver extract
pancreatic enzymes
Enemas of coffee and / or chamomile

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