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Food To Safety First

Food to safety first”, human development, economic growth, social progress, always inseparable from the food, can not do without security, health, food and nutrition. Our daily life in the food, some are a threat to our health, “Unabomber”, cucumber avoid peanuts – with fresh beverages, eggs, avoid saccharin – with food poisoning, our health is a threat. So we must put safety first, let yourself have a healthy body to work . When we’re exhausted for a living, when life has left us. Eating right relationship to our vital interests can not be ignored!

Pay attention to nutrition, attention to health care, science and strive to ensure hygiene. We usually have to pay attention to the nutritional balance of the diet, to achieve a reasonable nutrition and promote health. The proportion of intake of various nutrients to appropriate intake and body requirement should be balanced. That is the source of energy needed to heat ratio of balance, balance of amino acids, fatty acid balance, acid-base balance, balance of vitamins and inorganic salts (major elements and trace elements) balance. Eat some dark food, usually dark, concentrated natural food colors, high nutritional value, contains vitamins, trace elements, salts and more on human health effects. Excessive consumption of pastel natural foods, detrimental to human health, such as light-colored vegetables, sugar (refined sugar), salt (fine Emperor J of salt), refined flour and rice and so on. And to diverse species, any kind of natural food can not provide all the nutrients needed by the body, therefore, not a partial eclipse.

Regular meals shall include Valley, potatoes, animal food, soybeans and their products, vegetables, fruits and other daily. The same type of food should be constantly changing different varieties, but also with a variety of non-staple food and snacks were eaten. But do not eat delicious foods, such as roasting, baking, frying, deep-fried foods, such as greasy, difficult digestion and absorption in the human body, not only increase the burden of gastrointestinal, also destroyed the natural flavor. Salty, too greasy food is a predisposing factor in hypertension, cardiovascular disease. Too sweet foods and obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease are closely related.

Food match to science, the staple food, non-staple food and snacks should be a reasonable match, the thickness of grain should be combined with eating. The proportion of carbohydrates, fats and proteins is generally 58%, 30% and 12%, while the importance of trace elements should be fully and dietary fiber intake. Eat more natural foods harmless: advocate eating natural foods. Food raw materials and auxiliary materials production and the production of food, including colors, flavors, spices and additives, etc., should all natural substances, rather than artificial chemical compounds.

In fact, we note that in addition to the food, but also pay attention to the act of eating, let’s get the best results. Slowly eat can absorb the best, the greatest benefit can live longer. Studies have demonstrated that the salivary glands secrete saliva at the same time, but also the parotid gland secretes a hormone. It can be re-absorbed into the bloodstream of the body, the tissues are resistant to the effects of aging. And slowly you can stimulate the secretion of saliva, delaying aging body. Slow Food has several health reasons: one, to help digestion. Fully chewing can promote gastric secretion, while worn fine food, helps digestion and absorption of food, and directly reduce the burden on the stomach, gastrointestinal function for the elderly and poor people are particularly important.

Second, slow food can increase saliva secretion, membrane proteins protect the stomach after the formation of saliva into the stomach, preventing ulcers. Third, spend more time chewing food, appetite center in order to send the right instruction, gives rise to a sense of fullness, avoid fat. Four, slowly lowering postprandial hyperglycemia beneficial, insist slow meal, blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure will be reduced accordingly. Five, Slow Food can relieve people of stress, anxiety and other emotions, pleasing them. Six, frequent chewing can exercise facial muscles and reduce wrinkles. Slow down the speed of eating, meditation and enjoy every cuisine.

The body is the capital of revolution, in order to have a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle and reasonable diet is crucial if you want to be healthy happy every day, let us start from eating, we want to eat as a things, eat well, eat healthy, eat happy, eat not so tired, but also to get that taste. In short, eating properly or not, is not only great for their own health and life impact, and affect the health of future generations. Therefore, the only reasonable diet, nutrition and health can from both the good “disease from the mouth” off, healthy eating, physical worry!

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