Diagnosing Alzheimer's With a Tear

Diagnosing Alzheimer’s With a Tear

This is a research project of the Foundation Center for Research in Neurological Diseases and Comprehensive Care Center Alzheimer León: detect Alzheimer’s disease through the tear protein TAU .
The possibility of using tears as biomarker for this disease has been given on the assumption that the tear is associated with the parasympathetic nervous system, particularly the matter production and protein composition. Given that the TAU protein was constant as measured in patients with Alzheimer’s, could serve as excellent biomarker thereof.

The research will start with a minimum of 30 people with different profiles: patients with mild cognitive impairment, patients with early-stage Alzheimer’s and a control group of healthy subjects. Then they will analyze various parameters of the patients and then take a sample of tear by Schirmer test, the test most commonly used to measure tear volume.

Once done, the researchers evaluated the mechanism of release of said protein in tears , and compare the results of the same between individuals with dementia and without dementia .

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